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The Coastal Bend Breastfeeding Coalition's mission statement is to endorse the public initiative to promote and protect the highest quality of care to breastfeeding families, striving for excellence in lactation education and support. Learn about our history Breastfeeding and diabetes information Potential Baby problems Lifestyle issues and breastfeeding Frequently Asked Questions about Breastfeeding Dads and Breastfeeding Myths and Truths about breastfeeding Medications and Breastfeeding Regional, State, and National Resources and links for breastfeeding in South Texas Video of Leila's strong baby Breastfeeding and diabetes information The real cost of formula Why Breastfeed? Breast pumps and more Local resources for breastfeeding in South Texas Working outside the home and breastfeeding The first few days of breastfeeding How breasts work Preparation for breastfeeding Checklist for good nursing Signs of Milk Insufficiency ABC's of Breastfeeding